Desktop Software vs Web Based Software

Desktop Software vs Web Based Software

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Self contained software that can be independently and effectively put into action by utilizing it on a specific type of hardware is referred to as “Desktop Software”. For instance, to install Microsoft word, you need to download an installation that can run on your machine and can help the machine to install.  This is considered to be Desktop Software.


Whereas Web Based Software Systems runs on remote hardware and is being maintained by the tool’s owner thereby helping to deliver routing through the user’s web browser. Examples of such tools include Google Docs ( a web-based word processor ) or ( a web-based customer relationship management tool ).

When we talk about the Software, the maintenance and security of the Data is a matter of concern. Considering this, many surveys conducted stated that the Data is considered to be Safe and secure if it is stored in the server of Host country when compared to that of the Parent Company.

Talking about the 21st Century where everything has shifted to technology based, Web Based Software pertains to gain more of the popularity when compared to Desktop Based. The below stated advantages of Web Based Software is sure to agree on the point stated below. Lets have a look !


  1. It saves Time & Money
  2. It eliminates the error creating the need of rework
  3. It works in the Real Time
  4. It scrubs away all the claims
  5. It eliminates the need of Accounting Software
  6. It is safer
  7. It is accessible anywhere anytime
  8. No Installation is required
  9. It has Cross Platform Compatibility
  10. Automatic backup of your Data


Considering the above benefits of Web Based Software lets now look into how it is better than a Desktop Based Software:

Feature Desktop Based Software Web Based Software
Internet It does not require Internet It requires an internet connection
Scalability Dependent on the hardware of a Client The Software providing hosting infrastructure can control the scalability
Installation It requires Installation Installation does not require
Maintenance Requires high maintenance Requires zero maintenance
Hardware Requirements It requires hardware platforms No Hardware requirements
Deployment Must be installed and maintained on every workstation where it is used No installation is required beyond logging into an account
Licensing It takes to maintain a long list in terms of licence making the process complicated It is considered to be smooth and simple processing for Licence
Cost It turns out to be expensive It is cheaper than desktop based
Database Security 100% chance of losing data, if system gets crash Can be more Secure than desktop base
Data Privacy Less Privacy compare to web based software High Privacy than Desktop based software







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