Google Adwords vs Pay-Per-Click

Google Adwords vs Pay-Per-Click

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With increasing difficulties in taking out the information from the web, Search Engine has made it much easier for the users to retrieve the information needed. In the current scenario, Google Adwords is creating much of the revenue after the launch of Google Adwords. Google Adwords gives an opportunity to the users to find the results getting directed to a relevant company website the user is looking for. Google Adwords is defined as Pay-Per-Click that helps drawing the traffic to the client’s website via sponsored links. The Google Adwords has varied budgets depending on the requirement of the client. The Budget opted for decides the exposure the ad will get, leveraging its frequently used search engine to draw interest from consumers.



Pros of Google Ad words  :

1. Reach:  The reach of Google Adwords is beyond our imagination. It claims to cover around 80% of the internet users and has spread across almost all the browsers. This is one of the most powerful weapon if you want to cover audience in large number.

2. Cost: The cost of Google Adwords is manageable as it offers the clients with varied options in terms of Budget management. Google charges its clients based on the clicks they get on their website. The client is given with the right hold so as to decide the budget which is to be set for a specific day.

3. Timings: Google Adwords manages time efficiently. When the audience is finding something relevant to the client’s product that is when the Google hits with the advertisement creating a powerful impact.

4. Flexibility: Google Adwords can be used within a time gap of less than 15 mins. As the trends in the market keeps on changing, the Google Adwords are flexible enough to change as and when required that too at zero cost.

5. Tutorials: Google Adwords has got good amount of tutorials available to help and guide the beginners. With the help of it users gets a complete understanding of how to effectively use Google  Adwords experimenting the same on initial basis.

Cons of Google Adwords  :

          1.   As Google Adwords costing is done based on click on the website, even if the customers gets directed to the website but do not purchase anything then too the client is being charged for the click done.

          2.  If you delay in making the payments for Google Adwords, the advertisement will take no time to be removed from the browser.

     3.  The data of the firms in your competition cannot be procured.

     4.  Advertising being done on Google Adwords still needs to be improved in terms of its effectiveness as it is still not worthy enough against the money spent.

    5. Adwords alone will not be able to serve the purpose of advertising. It needs to be accompanied by other marketing tools to lay down a powerful impact.

           6.  With restriction in the copy space to just 70 characters, words need to be chosen wisely.


PPC is one amongst the model of internet, where the marketers are charged based on the click which is received on their advertisement made. Its a way of buying the visits to respective website, rather earning the same. PPC is called to be one of the best ways to promote your business. The beginners often prefer opting for PPC as initial tool for marketing before they try to opt for Search Engine Optimization.


Pros of PPC  :


1.  PPC offers Retargeting and Remarketing of the products:

PPC offers with retargeting of the products which helps your products reach the audience who has already visited your website. Remarketing allows your advertisement’s visibility to stay constant for a longer time reaching the same audience repeatedly which leads to easy conversion of leads into sales.

2.     PPC  gives you measurable results:

The results of PPC are easily measurable as it provides accurate analytics in order to analyse the outcome of advertisements conducted. It gives you a detailed sight of how many people have seen your ads, how many clicks your ad has received, what is the ratio of action performed.

3.     PPC Allows You to Track ROI with Conversion Pixels:

If you have opted for PPC campaign its important for you to know which keywords, ad messages, and landing pages are converting. This has become easier for the users to identify with the help of Pixel tracking which is done with the help of tracking code that is standard feature of most PPC services including Adwords and Facebook Advertising.

4.     PPC is Actually Affordable

PPC is one of the most affordable marketing tool with greater ROI on the investment made. Posting of ads in the search engine does not cost you anything, the only cost is incurred when the ads is being clicked by the visitors. PPC gives you a choice of setting your own budget.

5.  PPC Exposes Your Business Both Locally and Globally

The ads posted on the page are of no use if not viewed by the target audience. PPC make it effective by increasing the visibility of the ads Locally and Globally as well. It aids the marketers to have the control over the exposure of the ads making it ideal for national and international markets.

6.     PPC Allows You to Track Your Ads in Real Time

To know the outcomes of the ads you have invested in you should be able to track it. PPC allows the advertisers to track the traffic to their respective sites in real time. This states the advertisers gets the information of their outcomes within a short duration of time, making you aware of the traffic generated by your ads and the conversion ratio too which can help you make adjustments where and when required. You even are facilitated with the visibility of the results after months. 

Cons of PPC  :

1. PPC Can Be Quite Complicated

PPC is not easy to understand and use. It includes lot of variables where you might have to lose a lot of money if you do not maintain carefulness towards the ads. PPC needs to be managed by the experts to understand its complexity thereby gaining optimum results. PPC required lot of time and efforts to gain proper understanding of the marketing strategies.

2. PPC Ads Disappear When Your Campaign Ends

On publishing content on high-trafficked and popular sites in your niche, the content will be on the site for as long as it is in existence. On the contrary, PPC ads stop appearing when you stop paying. When you discontinue the ads using PPC, the traffic and sales generated will stop right away. This becomes a major issue when you don’t have a big budget

3. PPC Is Not A Sure-Fire Way To Get Sales

Many people think PPC comes out with flying colour, but the real case is not so. After spending money in big amounts, the conversion rate is not satisfactory. The conversion rates depend on the quality of your ad, your keywords, your product or service, etc. PPC is a risk taking element with high probability of losing money.

4. PPC Shares Advertising’s Woes

In the last couple of decades or so, people have grown sceptical of advertising and the advertising industry. This has led marketing experts Al Ries and Jack Trout to conclude a very controversial statement that advertising is dead and that public relations or PR has become a more effective marketing method than advertising. This statement leads some people to say that

Advertising is not dead but it may not be as effective as it is used to be. This is the reason why some experts still believe that SEO – with its capability to increase organic results – is still more effective than PPC. But here in Digital Marketing Philippines we believe that PPC accompanied by SEO is a reasonable and a great thing to do.



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