How to Hire a Mobile App Developer

How to Hire a Mobile App Developer

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Hiring a mobile app developer is difficult job as one need to precisely study the minute details of the developer leading to not regretting the decision made. If your choice is made right, it can add value in more ways than just development, maximizing revenues for your app business.

Lets make it easier, by considering the below given points before we hire mobile app developer.

1.  Look for the Developer who is concerned with the Development of your business :

The sign of a good developer is that he will not only help you with the process of app development, but would also suggest you creative inputs based on the experience with similar apps. The experienced developer is sure with what will work and what will not.

2.  Access their portfolio :

A good developer will have impressive portfolio too. One must check all his details precisely before hiring a developer. This will help you identify if your requirements match their qualification or not.

3.  Look for long term relationship :

Your relation with the Mobile App developer should not just end on the completion of the Mobile App, it should continue even after the development. Look for the developer who will stick to your firm giving you inputs to further develop and modify you app.

4.  Do not get driven by the price tag :

The choice of your Mobile Developer should not rely on just the price quotation;the end product is what will matter in future. Getting trapped in the low cost quotation will ultimately lead to increased maintenance cost in long term.

5.  Take reference from their respective Clients :

Taking reference from the clients who has availed the services of your chosen Mobile App developer will help ensuring your choice. It will give you clarity on the work profile of the developer.

6.  The whole package is what matter :

Mobile App Development is not just related to coding but there is more in it. It's also about creating a functional design and thinking about the user experience. Avoid selecting independent developer, opt for the ones who has a panel of experts who would serve you with the design, usability and testing. 

7.  Make Design a priority :

The design of the app will drive you more viewers. Look for the developer who could add value to the usability aspect of your mobile app,defining how users interact with your product.

8. Be precise with their details :

Ask them questions like :

  •     Where can I find your previous app developed?
  •     How can I get the lists of your clients?
  •     What kind of Smartphone do you use?
  •     How will my app make money?
  •     How often will we communicate during the development process?
  •     What will the special features created?
  •     Who will own the app?
  •     What will be the testing process of the app?

9.  Be aware of the Process of Development adopted by the Developer :




The ideal app developer will have an organized process of developing an application which will include Designing-Developing-Delivering strategy. Make sure to be aware of the development process.


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    February 21, 2018

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