Popular Logo Trends to have a Distinct Brand

Popular Logo Trends to have a Distinct Brand

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Popular Logo Trends to have a Distinct Brand

With the increasing trend of visual Branding and not overlooking the tremendous effects of Unique Logo, the logo designers are striving to make their place in this huge crowd setting themselves to be distinctive of all and leading as a Trendsetter. The ideology of channelizing the right brand message which is being displayed in the logo is highly on demand these days. Like the past few years, 2017 also has its own share of trends in ever-evolving logo design arena. The corporate logo identity plays a significant role considering the designing industry to be an intrinsic element of this market thereon empowering a company’s brand identity. The following trends are all set to swamp up the E - Commerce market for the year 2017:

  • Minimalism:

Minimalism is all about holding onto only the required and presentable details and deleting the other non informative ones. This technique is expected to retain popularity this year. Minimalism allows you to define a logo with the help of existing techniques with smart focus and minimal colour effects.

  • Letter stacking:

Text usage in the logo designing is the new trend this year. Designer more often use more of text in the logo to make it visually pleasing with the correct display of the Brand Name. Letter stacking comprises of placing a message in a concise way with the help of letters that can be placed horizontally or vertically accompanied by graphic tools.

  • Text Logos:

In this competitive era, something classic and unique turns out to grab the attention of the viewers. Considering this many designers have now started designing their logos using fonts accompanied by minimalist effects, including text stylization, increased/decreased kerning, and a combination of styles.

  • Flat Design:

Flat define is more similar to minimalist style, as it also states the logo to depict only the required material eliminating the rest. It communicates clarity and comfort. Austere and neat visual solutions are worthy alternatives to three-dimensional icons with shadows and gradients. Flat design lets you create simple yet elegant logos.

  • Gradients:

With trending towards simplicity, gradients almost vanishes from the design stream, but many companies including Apple made gradient comeback in the trail. With the comeback the usage of Gradient has completely changed. Gradient at present pertains to follow Simplicity focusing on the use of muted hues and material design colours rather than bold combinations.

  • Line Art:

Line Art is one of the difficult techniques for designers. It facilitates the use of a solid and dark coloured line to draw images bringing the text and image together.

  • Stencil Typography:

Stencil Typography helps bringing in the attractiveness in the logo. It is done in the form of Visual hierarchy which makes logos self centred and catchy. The fonts are optioned to be in any form or any size.

  • Black & White Logos:

Black & white has always been in trend in terms of logos. Black & white logos are often featured by varied fonts paired with Geometric Patterns.

  • Overlapping Gradients:

Overlapping Gradients is created by overlapping the geometric forms creating a unique logo. Initially it was more often used for animal related logo but with increasing popularity, it was practiced by majority of the logo designers. The recent example of it is the logo of MasterCard designers from Pentagram breathed new life into the logo, removing text from the image and dropping shadows making the icon more clear and attractive.

  • Geometrical Shapes:

Although Geometric Shapes has been in trend since long time, it is expected to gain much more popularity this year featured by highly effective leading to stylish and distinctive logos. The designers get fascinated by upcoming geometric patterns which lead to hike in its demand.

  • Framed Text:

Inorder to deliver a strong message, required text can be inserted in a frame which can catch the attention of the viewers.

  • Hand Made Logos:

The logo which is being imitated and presented in form of Hand Made seems to be much more pleasing. Hand Made logo presents the creation of wide array of visual effects, including vintage, grunge, and children’s images. The major advantage of Hand Made logo is that it represents wide brand recognition.

  • Negative Space:

Design is not only what you see or read, at times the design has its own language which delivers the message. Negative Space brings out the message in form of design that is when the design will start talking to you. To be the attraction of everyone’s eyes your design needs to meet the eyes of the viewer. This is possible only with Negative Space.






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