Women Equality & Women Empowerment in India

Women Equality & Women Empowerment in India

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“The Empowered Women is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description”

Taking birth on this planet as women is real struggle from an early stage. The Tradition being followed by all the people on this planet makes them worship various female goddesses, saints and poets. Being known as the largest democracy, India is called to be very popular and known across the globe, despite of which women backwardness is also very clear in the Indian society because of the social issues, problems and lots of restrictions against women. Women from different class get to go through bunch of issues throughout their journey called life. 



Problems faced by women in India


Safeguarding the Women of the society is not just the right of Women Social Cell or other such initiatives but it is the responsibility of every individual to empower women and get their rights.  Empowering Women to participate in all the aspects of life and grow herself to be stronger women will lead towards development and growth of the country and the society. 

The ways to empower women is as stated below.  Lets take an initiative to save our society by protecting the women and saving her rights:


Women Empowerment Rights in India


  • Create a safe space for the women :

Help women to assure that they are safe in this society when they move out of their houses. Ensuring them in terms of their safety will always help them to move freely in the society overcoming all their fears and growing as a Bold Lady.

  • Encouraging Independence and Mobility :

Women are more often being dominated by the males to live as per their terms and conditions taking away all their Independence and Mobility. Freeing women from all of this can help to boost their self morale and confidence.

  • Literate the Women :

Educating the women on their rights can help them understand in a better way leading to secured society. Letting the women know what is right and what is not can lead to a developed nation.

  • Teach Job Skills :

Teaching the women job skills can make them independent and live a quality life. It can gift them with a feeling of contributors towards the development of the nation.

  • Boost Decision making Power :

Handling the responsibilities to the women can strengthen their decision making power building their self esteem. 

  • Put an end to Gender based violence :

An end to Gender Violence can help secure the rights of the women. Social mobilization is imperative in the battle against gender-based violence because it ensures that educational, psychological, and legal resources are offered to the many women who face violence. 

  • Help Women Recover from Conflicts :

Women are one of the most vulnerable populations in times of conflict, subject to increased rates of violence, rape and poverty. Helping women to recover from their conflicts can motivate them to restart their life in a positive way. 


Women's Equality in India





Strengthening the women's Land rights in india


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